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- Prize of the Coordination Chemistry Division of the French Chemical Society (1981)

- German-French Humboldt Award (1989)

- Senior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (1995-2005)

- Iberdrola Prize (1995) 

- Grand Prix Le Bel of the French Chemical Society (2001)

- Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2005)

- Member of the Leopoldina Academy, German Academy of Sciences (2006)

- Member of the Academia Eupopaea (2006)

- Member of the European Academy of Science (2007)

- Karl Friedrich Gauss Professor of the University of Göttingen (2008)

- Recipient of the Gold Medal of the Italian Chemical Societies and joint Prize of the-Italian and French Chemical Societies (2009).

- Member of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences (2010).

-Member of the National Committee for UNESCO (2012).

-Distinguished Member of the French Chemical Society (2015)

- Prize of the Teaching Division of the French Chemical Society (2016)